Saturday, August 24, 2013

Review of World Market: White Chocolate Bark With Banana Bar

Ever since I started this chocolate journey, I've been on a "let's try the oddest chocolate combinations kick". There's just something intriguing about mixing chocolate with different ingredients that when given some time, I'd like to try my hand at in the kitchen as I've done before on this blog & others. For example check out my chocolate covered onion rings experiment that I deemed to crazy for this blog. I digress, for now I'll have to settle on reviewing this white chocolate bar with banana chips bar. Oh poor me, it's a tough job but someone has to do it!

I have to be honest, it took me awhile before I actually bit into this bar. It just didn't get my chocolate appetite going when I brought it home like I thought it would. Alas, when I finally did try it, after a couple weeks of sitting in my pantry, I was very regretful that I didn't try it sooner. It put some kind of chocolate guilt over me, maybe it's the power of the chocolate. Yes, I can see how it could of been that... the powerful taste of the combination of banana chips and white chocolate together that said, "you should of tried me sooner". For that I am sorry but I'm not sorry for saying what I'm about to say about said chocolate bar, while it was good, it just didn't satisfy my chocolate craving. Although, I know without a shadow of doubt that everybody's chocolate tastes are different and that if you are a big fan of white chocolate (which I can't say I am) then you'd absolutely love this bar! Keeping that in mind, you need to try track down the nearest World Market and get you one!

What is my final verdict for World Market's White Chocolate Bark With Banana bar? I'd have to say while I wasn't a huge fan of the taste like I said before, it's something that's inspired me enough to want to try and make my own white, milk, or maybe even dark banana chip chocolate bar so be looking for my next post to be exactly that! I do ask for your help fellow chocolate addicts, please comment and tell me what kind of chocolate you think I should try with the banana chip bar I plan to make and if there is other special ingredients I should add to it! It should be a fun chocolate experiment. I'll be waiting on some responses before I actually do this so again, please comment. 

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