Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Youngevity Healthy Chocolate: Chocolate's Best Kept Secret

Healthy Chocolate or more specifically Healthy Triple Treat Chocolate is the chocolate you've probably never heard of. That's why I'm calling it chocolate's best kept secret. What makes it stand apart from all the other great chocolate out there? The answer would be in the health benefits that have been added to it.

Let's start off with the blueberries that have been added to Youngevity's Triple Treat Chocolate. Blueberries are super packed with powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants of course fight health compromising free-radicals that occur in our bodies and cause disease. Not only that but blueberries are been reported to improve vision, clear the arteries, strengthen blood vessels, enhance memory, stop urinary tract infections, reverse age related physical & mental declines, & promote weight control. It's obvious that blueberries are a powerful health benefit added to Triple Treat Chocolate and then some. Are you concerned that you might taste the blueberries in Triple Chocolate? No worries, the only thing you'll taste is the deliciousness of the chocolate.

Probably just as equally health sustaining as the blueberries being added to Triple Treat Healthy Chocolate is the probiotics that have also been added. Probiotics are very simply live micro-organisms that are in many common foods such as yogurt that provide beneficial bacteria to the intestines. People all over are starting to see the benefits of consuming probiotics as part of their balanced diets. This comes in the form of not only intestinal health but in improved immune function, healthy blood pressure & cholesterol levels. Triple Treat Chocolate suspends this probiotic powerhouse in their chocolate so it will pass its benefits on to you. It's claimed that this is a higher pass through rate than just eating yogurt!

Triple Treat Chocolate is not found in stores but if you're interested in trying Triple Treat Healthy Chocolate click here where you can get 30% discount on this product or any nutritional product offered on ( FOR LIFE by signing up FOR FREE to be a preferred customer! By the way the link to sign up to be preferred customer can be found at the top of the page where it says Join & Save 30%.

It's important to tell you that Triple Treat Chocolate is only 1 of 3 varieties of Healthy Chocolate that Youngevity offers which includes Triple Truffle Chocolate & TLC Liquid Chocolate. Check out these other awesomely delicious Healthy Chocolate Selections where you can also order Triple Treat Chocolate together with Triple Truffle Chocolate in a combo pack.

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