About This Addiction

You might of guessed by now that I have an unholy addiction to everything that is chocolate. Yes, it's the dreaded chocolate addiction (not really dreaded but you know what I mean) one but I know I'm not the only one and that's the reason I started this blogging endeavor. Let me put a warning out, if you're not addicted to chocolate and start reading this blog, then please don't blame me, when you start feeling funny. Funny with a craving for chocolate that is. If those are your symptoms, I wouldn't feel so bad because you're in good company. With that said, welcome to the world of chocolate, anything that has an ounce of chocolate will be featured on here; from our homemade chocolate recipes to reviews of only the best chocolate we can ever hope to buy. I hope to start quite a collection and assortment of chocolate goodies to inspire you to cut loose from that diet once in awhile and have a piece with me. Please follow my blog on this chocolate journey so I won't feel like the only one having that piece. There that's better!