Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chocolate Covered Popcorn

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Is it possible to like something too much? That's me when it comes to popcorn like I'm sure a lot of people. Then they have to go and invent gourmet popcorn like there wasn't reason enough to eat too much popcorn. Yeah, and eating too much popcorn is an easy thing to do especially when there is gourmet popcorn involved.

To make matters worse, there is something known as chocolate covered popcorn. I haven't had it in years so when I stepped into a gourmet popcorn store recently I knew I had to reintroduce it into my diet.  After I got it home and sampled some (yes, I actually did resist until I got home, amazing I know) I was amazed that it took me as long it did to have chocolate covered popcorn again. So good doesn't even describe how delicious and sweet it is.

The fluffiness of the popcorn mixed with the brownie fudge flavor of chocolate is real treat. Yeah, it might be a little on the expensive side at 7.99 for 3 cups worth but you gotta treat yourself now and then. As expensive as it was, I would pay that again because it gets a 9 out 10 ranking for a chocolate lovers sweet dream come true.

Where to get: check your nearest gourmet popcorn store or if you're in the Dallas area, stop in at POParella's (gourmet popcorn and treats) in Frisco, TX

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