Friday, July 13, 2012

Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate With Whole Hazelnuts

There is no doubt that some of the best chocolate comes from Europe, more specifically, Germany.  A German chocolate bar that is well worth the time is Ritter Sport.  Recently, I went on a chocolate shopping spree at the new Trader Joe's that has popped up here, and a dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts Ritter Sport was among my loot.  Now, I have had another variety before.  I have had the Butter Biscuit kind before, and that was so good, I just couldn't wait to give the hazelnut a try.  I must say that I was not disappointed!  This was sure a chocolate craving satisfier; it was smooth, dark, sweet, and very crunchy. Also, the dark chocolate was not overpowering and complimented the hazelnuts perfectly! Not only would I get this particular bar again, but I would love to try the other varieties available!

On a more personal side note, when I took a bite out of this chocolate bar for the first time, childhood came flooding back. I'm not kidding. Its been over two decades since I used sell a hazelnut chocolate bars door to door to raise money for school fundraisers. I would get my parents to buy from my own stash just so I could savor the hazelnut mixed with the smooth chocolate because it was a real treat. I had not had this memory ever in my life as I forgot all about it until I taste tested the Ritter Sport for this review. It's amazing how something such as a taste of a particular chocolate bar that you have not had since childhood can trigger memories of long ago. 

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  1. This does look simply wonderful. My favorite is dark chocolate with almonds. I found this on pinterest and am very happy to be your newest follower. When you get a chanc check out my blog